Here at Penny Bridge we pride ourselves on providing opportunity for children to engage in a wide range of music. The children all take part in lessons which give them the opportunity to experiment with instruments, singing, composition and improvisation. We believe that music is vital for children's creativity and well being - simply put; music brings us joy. With this ethos in mind, our school provide a wide range of activities for children to be part of during their time here.

Instrument Tuition

As we consider music so important, we work hard to offer a range of instrument and music groups across the school that children can attend. These include: 

  • The Penny Bridge Choir
  • Beginner Recorder
  • Ukelele Group

Alongside our school groups, we also offer access to external tutors in more advanced instruments. 

  • Tuesday a.m - Brass - Mrs Crompton
  • Tuesday p.m - Strings - Mrs Dunsford
  • Tuesday p.m - Piano - Mrs Stanford.
  • Thursday - Woodwind - Mrs Wood

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