Vision and Christian Values

Vision Statement 

At Penny Bridge CE Academy we endeavour to give every member of our school community the opportunity to let their light shine, allowing individuals to reach their potential in all aspects of school life.  Everyone has a sense of belonging, is understood and are valued. We take notice of how our actions can have a positive impact on others and are aware of what we can achieve. We are supportive of others and are thankful and appreciative of what we have.  By being active, we view our minds and body as one to feel good, and are united in support of caring for the environment. Respect and tolerance of other faiths, cultures and diversity underpins our curriculum. 

Your light must shine before people,
so that they will see the good things you do. 
Matthew 5:16


Twelve Christian Values which thread throughout everything we do:

Curriculum Drivers

These four themes are the cornerstones of our curriculum:

Christian Value Bible Stories

Cycle One

  • Compassion - The Good Samaritan  -  Luke 10: 25-37
  • Peace - The Birth of Jesus  -  Luke 2:  1-20
  • Truthfulness - Jonah and the Whale  -  Jonah
  • Generosity - Feeding of the 5000  -  John 6:  1-14
  • Perseverance - The Lost Coin  -  Luke 15:  8-10
  • Respect- The 10 Commandments  -  Exodus 20:  1-17

Cycle Two

  • Friendship - The story of Ruth and Naomi  -  Ruth
  • Thankfulness - The Good Shepherd  -  Matthew 18: 12-14
  • Hope - The story of Noah  -  Genesis 6:  9-22
  • Forgiveness - The Easter Story  - Matthew 26-28
  • Courage - Daniel and the Lions Den  -  Daniel 6
  • Trust- Jesus calms the Storm  -  Matthew 8:  23-27