Art and Design

Art and Design is central to much of the teaching and learning that we plan.

We are dedicated to giving the children creative opportunities to be responsible for their own learning, not only through discrete teaching of Art and Design, but through the wider curriculum. We want to prepare our children to enter later life with a love of creativity, and our approach encourages the children to be creative and expressive by including art in a variety of subject areas. We feel children should believe that everyone is creative and enjoy art in all of it's forms.

Our curriculum includes the direct teaching of artistic skill, creative thinking and use of materials and medium based practice as well as specific teaching around curriculum areas e.g. Remembrance Day, The stone age, Egyptians, our Local Environment and the study of particular artists. We explore the roles of artists, craftspeople and designers through different time periods and aim to achieve our own personal best in every piece of artwork we create.

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