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Our Ethos

At Penny Bridge we believe that history is vital to help children learn how the world has developed. We can learn from our past, and discover how the Our History curriculum is designed to help children understand how events across Britain and internationally fit together, and how these events have effected our amazing world over thousands of years. We are preparing children to learn from the past and giving them the skills to evidence their findings.  From learning about ancient civilizations, to understanding how Ulverston has grown and changed over the years we want children to believe they understand our history as a species. With this ethos in mind, we are currently following the Chris Quigley essentials curriculum which links all our our subjects together in our topic work to help them achieve a wider and deeper understanding of world and local History. 

At Penny bridge we:

  • Persevere in our work to help us understand how past civilisations have lead to current knowledge and technology. 
  • Respect the earth and the variety of people living in it. 
  • Show friendship to people from around the world and understand how our history links us. 

Our Curriculum

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History Vocabulary Lower KS2

History Vocabulary Upper KS2

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