As a school we pride ourselves on providing opportunity for children to go outside and experience Geography in a hands on and engaging way!

Our curriculum is designed to prepare children for later life by giving them access to a wide and varied curriculum that allows them to explore the world around them. From learning about physical geography, to how humans change the world around them we want children to see how beautiful and amazing world is and believe that they can change things to help protect it.  With this ethos in mind, we are currently following the Chris Quigley essentials curriculum which links all our our subjects together in our topic work to help them achieve a wider and deeper understanding of world Geography. 

At Penny Bridge we:

  • Persevere in our work to help us understand how Geography can help us  understand the world around us.
  • Respect the earth and the variety of people living in it. 
  • Show friendship to our local environment and create projects that nurture and protect it. 

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