Penny Bridge CE Academy & Nursery

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Preparing, Believing, Achieving


Our School Day

Morning session -    School begins at 8:55am

                                    Morning break 10:30 to 10:45am

                                    Lunch 12:00 - 12:55pm

Afternoon session - Begins at 12:55pm

                                    Afternoon break 14:30pm to 14:40pm

                                    School day ends at 15:15pm.


Assemblies do vary but are usually at 9.00am on a Monday, 2.30pm on a Tuesday, 1.00pm on a Wednesday and 10.30am on a Thursday. Classes have their own assemblies on Fridays. 

See the links on the left for more detail on sport and music, including information on have we have spent the sports premium. 



We teach a creative curriculum where each class decides on a termly topic to deliver the curriculum. In the 'Class' section we have a link to the current class letter which has details of the current topic and outlines the programmes of study. The following document explains the process we follow in creating the topic and how we ensure progression and coverage of the curriculum.




We ensure all the key objectives are being covered by referencing the topic content back to the national curriculum. Please see the link below for more details.





Contact Details

Telephone Number:

School Office: 01229 861307

Email Address:

Greenodd, Ulverston, Cumbria, LA12 7RQ