Preparing, Believing, Achieving

At Penny Bridge, we follow the Read Write Inc Program in English and Power Maths.

On the left are the pages for each of our subjects with the key events for the year, the vocabulary we would like the children to be introduced to in each year group and also the Long Term Curriculum Maps for all foundation subjects. 


COVID-19 Update

At Penny Bridge, the teaching and learning in our classrooms are of the utmost importance. Our vision is that all children are provided with the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills they will need to be prepared for the wider world.

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, children have missed a substantial amount of their education for this year. Therefore, we will be changing the way we deliver our Foundation Curriculum through the next two years. The Chris Quigley Essentials curriculum which we deliver is designed to give children access to a curriculum that revises and revisits a subject’s key concepts and skills across key milestones. This approach allows children to access a broader curriculum and deepen their understanding of each subject. However, as all children have experienced a large interruption to their learning from their extended period of time out of school, children at the end of their milestone stage have missed this opportunity to secure and deepen their knowledge, before moving on to the next milestone. With this in mind, we feel it is vital for children who were at this point in their education, to recover their previous milestone before moving on. This will allow them the time to deepen their understanding of the subject and have a secure grasp of the knowledge and essential skills, before moving on next year to the next set of milestone objectives. Children will then be realigned in the following year on a fast-tracked curriculum, to catch them back up to the correct milestone stage.

Therefore, we have taken the decision to mix classes across Key Stages to best support the deliver of a full, broad and rich curriculum. Classes have been realigned to support this.


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