EYFS - Robins

Welcome to the Robins class page! 

Our class is made up of 22 children who are taught by Miss Burns and supported by our Senior Teaching Assistant Ms Kelsall.

Reception is a wonderful year group and at Penny Bridge we are incredibly lucky to have such a fantastic spacious classroom and outdoor area to play and learn in!

In Reception we give children the opportunity to be creative, imaginative, explore and engage in a variety of different ways. We follow the Early Excellence ethos which ensures each child can initiate their own learning through the resources we have in and outside the classroom. 

The Reception day starts off with choosing time in the continuous provision, we then move on to teach our phonics programme RWI. This is then followed by break then maths, after lunch we teach a varied curriculum such as; topic, art, music, PE, P+RSHE, science and so on. Also continuing to learn through play in the continuous provision! 

Phonics and Reading is extremely important in Reception, we follow the RWI programme which is a fantastic scheme where children are able to recognise sounds, segment and blend together words to read! Please find more details on the RWI programme on the English section of the website. 

In the Robins class we upload key events or work in our school day to our online platform 'Seesaw' this connects both school and parents, allowing them to access their child's journal from home. Homework will also be uploaded onto seesaw and be marked electronically. 

Our Autumn Term topic is - Journeys.

This is a fantastic topic to start with as we explore our own journey! We look at what our bodies look like, what our senses are, who do we live with and what makes a good friend. Our Geography focus is on our local journey. We take a deeper look at the village Penny Bridge, what is in the village, what has changed, Can we find where we live on a map? What makes the Lake District so popular a beautiful place to live?

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