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Sport and PE


Vision for PE


At Penny Bridge CE Academy we are looking to develop the whole child through a broad and balanced curriculum which focuses on the physical, psychcological and social aspects of sport and PE.


We will achieve this by:


  • Giving the children the opportunities to experience a variety of sports,activities and levels of competition in and out of school.
  • Applying the christian values to promote fairness, respect and equality for all allowing each child to thrive at their own level of development.
  • Using the growth mindset to develop determination, concentration, co-operation, imagination, application, reflection and challenge skills within PE.
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle by making positive choices.


KS1- Children have 2 hrs of PE scheduled a week. This is split into the areas of dance, gym, swimming, athletics and games. Main impetus throughout KS1 is on skill development and body movement. All areas can be linked back to ABC’s- agility, balance and control. As they move into Y2 games become more focussed into recognisable sports. All children swim and take part in intra school competitions: sports day, games day and a swimming gala. Some individual children represent the school in gym, dance and games festivals against in inter school competitions. They can attend an after school sports club from reception.


KS2- Again, children have 2 hrs of scheduled PE in the key areas with the addition of outdoor education. There are also a variety of after school clubs on offer. Curriculum and ASC’s are organised to provide training and coaching for upcoming competitions. We try to enter as many competitions as possible and give all children in KS2 at least one opportunity to represent the school.  Competition is linked to the School Games Programme at 4 different levels. Level 0- personal challenges such as sponsored events or playtime challenges. Level 1- sports days, games days and swimming galas. Level 2- Competition against other schools- Traditional sports such as football, netball, tennis, athletics, hockey, rugby, cricket, swimming but also now a wider variety of sports such as skiing, cycling, orienteering, lazer zone and croquet. Level 4- County level representation.


PE Premium- For a more detailed break down please click on the tab


In 2018/19 the PE Premium was broadly spent in four main areas: coaching/staff development, equipment, transport (mini bus) and administration (competition entries etc) in all areas to support the main areas of PE and to create a legacy when funding stops. At present it is ring-fenced for another few years but with current political climate this is hard to know for certain.


Premium Grant- £17053


Total Spend


Coaching/Staff Development









Our Curriculum

PE Policy- May 2020

PE Evaluation 2018/19

PE Development Plan 2019/20

Pupil Voice 2019

Skills Progression KS1

Skills Progression KS2

PE Vocabulary split into tiers

Vocabulary for Dance

Vocabulary for Gymnastics

Vocabulary for Games

Vocabulary for Athletics

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