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Y6 (Ryelands)


Welcome to the Ryelands class! 

Our wonderful class is made up of 19 year 6 children taught by Mrs. Morris. As a class, we love showing our parents what we have been doing each term and sharing all the favourite parts of our learning journeys! We really are a fun-loving, hardworking and friendly class who are always eager to learn. We really love being outdoors and hope you enjoy looking at all the hard work we have been doing over this year!

Below is our information for each term alongside pictures of us hard at work enjoying the varied activities we do in school.

There will also be our topic title, learning journeys and any other relevant documents for our class. 

We hope you enjoy our webpage!


Class Information



Remote Learning Policy 

Recovery Curriculum Coverage



Each term we will have a new topic to help us guide our learning as a class. These topics will give us an excellent opportunity to discover all about the wonderful, varied world that we live in. We always appreciate any books, artefacts or other resources that may help us learn within our topics that we can borrow. 


Autumn Term and Spring Term 1** - Civilisations - Topic Web

Class Core Text: Darwin's Amazing Voyage

This term we will be learning all about how civilisations have grown and developed over time. Starting in Britain, we will follow the evolution of humans through time. We will be researching and discovering all about their amazing buildings and settlements; looking at how Britain has changed over time  and even looking at the amazing life of British scientist, Charles Darwin, and what he theorised about how animals change and evolve. 

We will then look at the growth and change in our own history, compares to that of the Early Islamic civilisation and how Britain and the Middle East compare today. Fascinating!

**Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic requiring another period of remote learning, we will be studying our first topic for a whole term and a half. This will give us lots of time to catch up on our learning, and aim to fill gaps in our learning along the way. This means some of the objectives on the topic web and learning journeys may not be covered as gaps are identified and filled. 

Subject Specific Learning Journeys


Spring 1 - Remote Learning

Class Core Text: The Last Wild

It was really sad not to see our class all together for the beginning of our spring term, as remote learning can be more challenging for us. As we needed extra time in our learning at the beginning of the year, we decided we would like to finish our work on civilizations around the world. Therefore, our learning will still be based around some of the objectives from last terms topic web. Literacy and Maths will be taught as planned, however our foundation subject learning journeys for this half of the term are below to show what we plan to learn. We do understand however, some subjects are more difficult to learn at home, so our second term will focus on the creative and expressive arts. 

Subject Specific Learning Journeys

Spring (second half) - The Fox and the Star - Topic Web

For the second half of our term, we are going to be focussing on well-being and creativity. As we missed a whole half term together as a class we are going to enjoy our time being creative with a whole KS2 project focussing on the amazing book 'The Fox and The star' by Coralie Bicksford-Smith. This will give us time to get outdoors, be creative and learn all about how to cope with big changes and transitions in our lives. 

Class Core Text: The Fox and The Star 


Summer - Where are we? - Topic Web

Class Core Text: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight/ Tiger Rising

This term we will be learning all about our local area, London and Tokyo and making comparisons between the two. We will be thinking about how our local environment has changed over time, how our coasts have changed and how the UK traded and communicate with other countries. Starting with Fair Trade, we will think about our responsibilities as global citizens and how we can give back - including a 'campaign for change' project in our local area as part of our enterprise. 

We will be discovering how the environment impacts our lives, from Eco-housing, to natural resources and thinks we trade as a county, country and continent. 

Subject Specific Learning Journeys:









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