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Year 4 (Shetlands)

Welcome to the Shetlands class! 

Our wonderful class is made up of 13 year 4 children taught by Mrs. Morris. As a class, we love showing our parents what we have been doing each term, and sharing all our favourite parts of our learning journeys! We are a fun-loving, hardworking and friendly class who are always eager to learn.

Below is our information for each term alongside pictures of us hard at work enjoying the varied activities we do in school.

There will also be our topic title, learning journeys and any other relevant documents for our class. 

We hope you enjoy our web page!


Our Class Information

Class Letter

Yearly Curriculum Coverage

Each term we will have a new topic to help us guide our learning as a class. These topics will give us an excellent opportunity to discover all about the wonderful, varied world that we live in. We always appreciate any books, artefacts or other resources that may help us learn within our topics that we can borrow. 


Autumn - Survival

Learning Journeys

Topic Web

KS2 French Learning Journey

In this term we will be studying all about how to survive! Our topic will focus on all different elements of survival, from how to cook in the great ourdoors to how animals survive in different climates. We will be travelling to Coniston Water Park to learn some skills for exploring and surviving, and in Forest schools will learn all about ho


Spring - The Arts

We will begin to look at some of the worlds most well recognised art works and artists focusing in  particular on:

  • British artists.
  • British art and what it tells us about our history.
  • The art of the Egyptians

We will also explore the work of local artists across history and discover how their work has influenced Ulveston and the surrounding area.

We will use our learning around art to look at British history from revisiting Stone age cave paintings and carved stones, through to  some of the big art movements of Impressionism, surrealism and abstracts that moved across Britain. (such as the 1860-1910 arts and crafts movement)

Alongside this we will also look at art in ancient civilisations, and focus on the life and culture of the ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks and how their civilisations differed to each other, and modern day.

We will also explore the development of music and dance throughout history by studying the types of musical instruments in some of the time periods we study.

 Our Curriculum documents

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Learning Journeys


Summer - The Olympics!

Learning Journeys

Topic Web

KS2 French Learning Journey

Coniston Water Park 2019

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