Welcome to Penny Bridge CE Academy and Nursery

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Our Christian Value of the half term is Forgiveness. 


Welcome to Penny Bridge CE Academy

 From our Headteacher- Ms L. Smolinski


An Outstanding Primary School in an Amazing Location!

Penny Bridge CE Academy is a thriving Church of England school with its heart in the local community. We believe in high standards and deliver a topic based curriculum which is exciting and engaging, ensuring all children enjoy learning and make excellent progress.  

We have a strong emphasis on teaching the basic skills of English and maths and achieve high results in all of our national tests.  We encourage all our staff, governors and children to adopt the ‘SMART’ ethic in all they do: Support and strength, Marvellous manners, Achieve your best, Respect for all, Together we learn.  Everyone at Penny Bridge takes pride in themselves, their work and their environment.     

We have strong Christian values which underpin everything in the school. These values help create a warm, supportive atmosphere where everyone is respectful and caring.  We deliver our Values Based Curriculum through our collective worship, Godly Play sessions, nurture groups and reward system.

Our grounds are exceptional.  We have two tarmac playgrounds, a wild area, pond, bird hide, outdoor willow classroom, vegetable garden and large field.  We like to get the children outside as much as possible and run forest school sessions inside the school grounds and in the local woodland. 

To maximise attainment, children have to learn how to achieve. We do this through developing the growth mind-set. This teaches children that, through developing key skills such as co-operation, perseverance and challenge, they can be the best they can be. Celebrating these attributes, instead of attainment, helps raise self-esteem and gives the children an ‘I can’ attitude. 

A healthy school is central to our beliefs and we try to encourage the children to be active. This is achieved through active playtimes, a wide variety of after school clubs, team sports / competitions and whole school challenges such as the ‘100 Mile Challenge’  and cycle cross events. We are also very successful in local sports competitions and have recently had two children compete nationally in cross country running. We have been awarded the Gold Star National Achievement Award for PE.

Music and the arts also play a central part in developing the whole child. As well as  regular class music lessons  there is the opportunity for all KS2 children to learn an instrument. Music lessons include trumpet, cornet, baritone, flute, clarinet, saxophone, harp, recorder and ukulele. The school choir currently has 49 members and we regularly perform in a variety of locations outside Cumbria. Alongside this we have half termly ‘creative weeks’ where we devote more time to the foundation subjects, such as DT, history and geography.  This allows the children to spend more concentrated time on projects, producing some wonderful work and broadening their knowledge. These weeks may have a focus, e.g. science, creative arts or critical skills.

Rated Outstanding by Ofsted and SIAMS (Church Ofsted) in 2013, we believe that Penny Bridge offers an exceptional education and gives children the best start in life.


World Book Day 2017

Penny Bridge C.E. Academy News

  • Year 1 Curriculum Week
    This week we have been looking at what life was like 100 years ago to commemorate the centenary of the First World War. We have been seeing what school was like, what the poppy stands for, what the soldiers had to eat and what people wore 100 years ago.
  • Curriculum Week
    This week we are studying all about World War One. We hope the children will come back with a good understanding of why we wear a poppy. There is sewing, baking, clay work, poetry and letter writing all planned so be sure to ask what they have been up to!
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