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Friday 2nd May, 2014.

We've been on our field trip to Abbots Reading Farm near Haverthwaite.  We had a great time, touring and exploring different habitats and learning about how the farm is working to protect and improve the local environment.

Many thanks to the Wood family for making us so welcome.

Here are some edited highlights!

Thursday 1st May, 2014.

A new month and a new solar system has sprung into being in the school field.

Here are a few photos:


Wednesday 30th April, 2014.




Can you tell what it is yet?

Tuesday 29th April, 2014.




How super is this?


Football coaching in the sunshine with a back drop worthy of Turner.


Monday 28th April, 2014.

We've started our new term and new topic ("At one with nature") off with a curriculum week "BANG!".

The Texels are building a solar system!

Or, to be more precise, a scale model of our own system.  We've painting scale planets, large and small, producing fact filled presentations and plotting a "Space Walk" on the school grounds.

Here are a few pictures of the chaos from which will come........?

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